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We have carefully curated a selection of toys that we absolutely love, when I say we I mean both me and the dogs! Before any toy is sold by us it goes through rigorous testing from a chief toy destroyer, sorry I mean tester, Ginny. Whether your dog loves to chew, fetch, or tug, we have something for every type of play style.

Lick Mats and Enrichment toys

An absolute game changer in my dogs mental stimulation & enrichment routine. These toys are the most superior lick mats and Enrichment toys I have ever used!

Hide and Seek Toys

This collection of Hide and seek toys encourages the dogs natural inquisitive nature and hunting skills. A brilliant mental stimulation toy for your dos to work out how to get the smaller toys out of the larger toy.

Plush Toys

A selection of toys perfect for the gentle toy lover, These are all personal favourites of Harry’s. He loves to gently nibble his toys. This style of toy is perfect for soft mouthed dogs who just love to retrieve. All of these plush toys contain squeakers to entice play and lots of tail wagging happiness.

Green & Wilds Eco Toys

The toys for the tougher chewers! Made from Suede, Rope and Jute these toys are strong robust and adorable! Perfect for playing fetch with, having a good chew on. Now while these toys are designed to be more robust they are of course not indestructible but if you’re looking for a tougher toy, with no squeakers, I urge you to try this range. and if your looking for Ginny’s personal recommendation her current favourites are the Duck ,Octopus and squid!

Meaty Bubbles

But is this a toy?! Well I would argue that it is! These fun, pet safe, flavoured bubbles act in the exact same way a toy would. Bringing both joy and strengthening the bond between you and your dog. So yes I wholeheartedly believe these belong in both the toy & treat section!

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