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Cosy Christmas – Christmas Collection 2023


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Available as either an ‘Over the Collar Bandana’ designed to just slip onto your pet’s collar for minimal fuss and maximum security or our ‘Snap Bandana’ which fastens around the neck with a popper to give you the perfect and secure fit.

The Snap Bandana comes with two options of fit, either our classic straight neck or our new (and most popular) curved neck option.

Not just for Dachshunds or small breeds, our bandanas are all handmade by me (Emma) meaning if I have enough of the fabric left I can make them in any size you need!

Choosing your Bandana style

Here at Harry and Ginny Designs we have 3 different bandana styles.  Firstly you will need to decide whether you would like an ‘Over the Collar’ (designed to slide onto your dog’s collar) or a Snap Bandana secured around the neck with poppers. The main difference between these two style options is the shape and construction of the bandana. It is important to note that our over the collar bandanas DO NOT have the faux suede lining or the faux leather tab, only our snap bandanas have these features.

If you decide to go for the snap bandana (our favourite and most popular choice), you will be given the option of a straight or curved neck. This is entirely personal choice but our preference is the curved neck option. Harry and Ginny both exclusively wear a curved neck option now, we believe it just sits on the neck better. If you are unsure on which option to go for please do drop us a message and we will be happy to help. You can either email us at or reach out to us on our social media channels.


We strongly recommend measuring your dogs neck prior to ordering, we would hate for you to get the wrong size. The best way to measure your dogs neck is with a soft tape measure, but if you don’t have one you can use your dogs collar as a guide to measure it against a ruler or other measuring device.

Measuring for an ‘Over the Collar’ Bandana

As a rule sizing for an the over the collar option is easier to guess, but we do recommend if possible measuring your dog’s neck as from experience most people underestimate the size of their dogs neck.

When selecting the correct size for your dog there are a few important aspects, ensure the Collar width gap is big enough for your collar of choice, and ensure the length of the bandana is suitable for your dog. As a guide Harry and Ginny (my miniature dachshunds) both have an 11″ neck and can wear both the XXS and XS comfortably. There is a photo size guide on all bandana listings to help guide you on choosing which size to get.

Measuring for a Snap Bandana

When measuring your dog’s neck make sure there is enough room in the measurement to ensure it is not skin tight, if you have a particularly fluffy dog you may want to size up to allow for all the extra adorable fur.

Place the tape measure just behind your dogs ears and measure around their neck at the point where you want the bandana to sit. For most people this is where your dogs collar naturally sits. Our snap Bandanas come as standard with additional poppers so you can find the best fit for your dog.  As a guide Harry and Ginny have an 11″ neck and wear the 10-12″ curved neck option.

If you require bigger than a 20 inch Snap Bandana please order the 20 inch and advise the size you need in the comments box at checkout, as long as we have enough fabric we are more than happy to provide bigger sizes.

Care instructions

We recommend Hand washing your Bandanas, line dry and if required low heat iron (do not iron Faux leather badge or any printed vinyl add on)

Please do remember to check your bandanas for wear and tear, they are not designed to be left on unattended pets.

Please Note every bandana is handmade to order. Pattern placement will vary slightly between each handmade item but rest assured hear at Harry and Ginny designs we strive for absolute perfection for your dog.


Classic Straight Neck, Curved Neck, Over the Collar


XXS Over the Collar, XS Over the Collar, S Over the Collar, M Over the Collar, L Over the Collar, XL Over the Collar, 8-10” Snap Bandana, 10-12” Snap Bandana, 12-14” Snap Bandana, 14-16” Snap Bandana, 16-18” Snap Bandana, 18-20” Snap Bandana, 20” + Snap Bandana

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