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Coffee Cup plush toys with squeaker


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Enjoy a fun and entertaining time with our funny coffee-themed plush toys for your pet, this novelty toy is sure to be a big hit with your furry friend.

Plush toys provide soft, cuddly companions for dogs. Dogs crave physical contact and seek out their owners for cuddles. A stuffed toy will do when a human companion isn’t available.

This amazing toy comes with a built-in squeaker, a great feature that will really engage your fluffy canine.

There is no doubt that playing with a stuffed toy provides mental stimulation for a dog, and as a result helps to keep them from becoming bored.

SIZE: Measuring approximately 17-21cm, available in 3 fun designs.

Never leave your dog unattended with any toy. Check regularly for damage and remove from your pet if damaged.


Barkbucks, Pupsta, Frap-pawccino

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