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Rope Lead Pink


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Our new rope leads are here! Available in 5 colours each equally gorgeous! Each lead comes in its own 100% cotton bag. Hand stamped with our H&G Logo. Use as a holder while the lead is not in use or why not use as a treat bag for you dog.

At 1.22m long the lead is just the perfect length. As a tall person with a small dog there is nothing I find more irritating than a lead that gives you back ache!

At 1.2cm thick the lead sits so well in the hand. It’s also got a lovely hand feel to it making it nice a comfortable to hold.

Finished with metal hardware clip and our signature faux leather detailing these leads are not only highly practical but also absolutely beautiful.

Strength tested up to 100kg. If your dog is extraordinarily strong please do not purchase and instead purchase a specially designed lead for dogs that pull.

Disclaimer- Please always check your dogs accessories for wear and tear. It is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for their pet. No item is indestructible. Do not allow your pet to chew this item. No responsibility can be taken by Harry and Ginny Designs for any accidents that may occur while wearing this product.

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