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Himalayan Yak Puffy Strips – Puffed Yak bar – Dogsee Handmade Yak dog treats


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Dogsee brings you the ideal dog treats for older dogs. They act as one of the best soft chew dog treats and are also easily digestible.

Key Features: 

  • Low in Fat so you can reward your dog while keeping their weight in check.
  • High protein content helps provide energy.
  • Easy-to-feed and bite-sized, so you can grab a handful and use them to make training sessions more productive and fun.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients

If your senior doggo likes cheesy treats but cannot chew on the hard ones anymore, it does not mean they have to miss out on the yumminess! Dogsee Chews Puffy Bars are the ideal soft-chew dog treats that are easy to eat and digest, making them perfect for older dogs.

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