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Earth Animal No- Hide Beef Recipe Dog Chew


The healthy, hand-rolled alternative to rawhide. A 100% natural chew that is long-lasting, easily digested and promotes dental hygiene.

Healthy, easily digested and long-lasting chew. Each chew delivers a delicious, long-lasting chewable bliss to dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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Made with real, simple ingredients, No-Hides are the original super-healthy, long-lasting, and mind-blowingly tasty chew. There’s no-thing like it on Earth. They taste amazing and provide long-lasting enjoyment that keeps dogs blissfully content. Chews Joy. Chews No-Hide.

Six healthy ingredients. One high-quality protein.

You won’t find any bleach, synthetics, or preservatives in these scrumptious sticks of goodness. Each No-Hide is mixed, rolled, and baked by the Earth animal team in the USA using six clean ingredients plus one sustainably sourced protein.

Ingredients: beef (48%), brown rice flour, eggs, olive oil, banana powder, pineapple stem. ADDITIVES: Technological additive: agar-agar (vegetable gelatine) 0.29 mg/kg.

Analytical Constituents

protein 50%, fat content 4%, crude ash 4%, crude fibres 2%, moisture 13%, starch 4%.

While No-Hides are a worry-free treat when it comes to ingredients, we still recommend that all pets are given a chew that is appropriately sized for their mouth and weight (not too big, not too small). We recommend choosing a chew that is larger than their mouth. Not sure what that means for your pet? Let our guide below help. Please do not feed to puppies under 6 months and ensure your dog is never left unattended with ANY chew

Recommended No-Hide® weight & size chart:


*DOGS 6.9-20.4KG – Small NO-HIDE® Chew

*DOGS 20.5-34KG – Medium NO-HIDE® Chew

*DOGS OVER 35KG – Large NO-HIDE® Chew

Earth Animal No Hide is an easily digestible and full of flavour, healthy hide chew alternative. Wholesome and nutritious, made with humanely raised, grass-fed beef. Provide your dog with a long-lasting and healthy chew, to promote healthy teeth and gums.

This product is a complimentary treat, ensure that your dog is supervised at all times with the chew. Fresh drinking water should always be available.


Stix, Small, Medium

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