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Christmas snuffle mats Enrichment toy for dogs


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Christmas Pudding & Christmas Tree snuffle Mats to bring extra festive twist to your dogs snuffling enrichment!

If vour new to snuffle mats all vou need to do is place dried treats into the fleece tags and let your pet scratch and sniff to find them! Snuffle mats act as an excellent boredom breaker and encourage natural foraging behaviours!

Machine Washable

Size: 42cm (H) × 30cm (W) × 2cm (D)

Note: Not recommended for puppies under 36 weeks or dogs that chew.

Pets need to to supervised during play. Please remove if the toy becomes torn or ripped. Regularly check the toy before giving to your pet to play with. No toy is indestructible


Christmas Tree, Christmas Pudding

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